scanning ...


Locate your local PHP source code path/file (e.g. /var/www/project1/ or /var/www/index.php), choose the vulnerability type you are looking for and click scan!
Check subdirs to include all subdirectories into the scan. It is recommended to scan only the root directory of your project. Files in subdirectories will be automatically scanned by RIPS when included by the PHP code. However enabling subdirs can improve the scan result and the include success rate (shown in the result).


Debug errors or improve your scan result by choosing a different verbosity level (default level 1 is recommended).
After the scan finished 4 new button will appear in the upper right. You can select between different types of vulnerabilities that have been found by clicking on their name in the stats window. You can click user input in the upper right to get a list of entry points, functions for a list and graph of all user defined functions or files for a list and graph of all scanned files and their includes. All lists are referenced to the Code Viewer.


Change the syntax highlighting schema on-the-fly by selecting a different code style.
Before scanning you can choose which way the code flow should be displayed: bottom-up or top-down.